The Muscular Queen, that’s how they call Doña Letizia abroad

The Muscular Queen, that’s how they call Doña Letizia abroad

The Queen has attracted attention because in his last few photos he sports muscular arms, which has served for mockery from abroad

Each photo of Mrs. Letizia is an exercise in analysis and comparison. This time was the foreign press that has created controversy by naming the wife of Philip VI as “the muscular queen.” And is that in the last images we have seen some muscular arms, those that are achieved by going through the gym. It is clear that we have a very healthy queen.

The Muscular Queen, that's how they call Doña Letizia abroad

“The Queen’s elegant gray-and-cream striped dress showed her chiseled arms while shaking hands with several guests in the capital,” the Daily Mail says after analyzing the reception of Philip VI’s wife offered to the Confederation’s Board of Directors. Aspace, held in Zarzuela. And now the foreign press looks at how muscled our queen is, which in the list of ‘It royal’ is the second. Will it be envy?

For its part, the British newspaper Mail Online entitled: “A very muscular monarch!”. And it highlights the “sharp” arms that the queen showed while shaking hands with the guests at the Palacio de La Zarzuela.

Doña Letizia: Exercise to be thin

His Majesty the Queen 48x48

It is clear that the thinness makes even more remarkable that musculature that is a consequence, above all, of the exercises you practice with your trainer. Do not forget that Letizia is a faithful practitioner of the most strict yoga and also carries out a diet in which fat and foods with excess calories are avoided, to the point that, in other occasions, it has been criticized his excess of thinness, bordering on anorexia.

So far no medium had set his eyes on the supposed ‘muscles’ of his Majesty. Of course, these qualifiers are, at least, gentler than others, since insulting the royal family can be very expensive. We all remember the case of a woman who was prosecuted for the crime of insulting the Crown after she used her social networks to insult the Queen and King Philip VI. How about?