Super-Spy Sokratis’ scintillating tricks

Super-Spy Sokratis’ scintillating tricks

Morning all, a little a quick one for you today.

Mikel Arteta satisfies the press today as he and we head into an essential eight days approximately. Tomorrow we deal with Olympiacos away; there’s a North London derby at the weekend; then we host the Greek side next week.

I see a lot of discuss how we should prioritise the Europa League, and I can see why that’s something people think, however I just don’t think we have that luxury. We might win both video games in Europe, and a bad revealing against Sp rs would still be harmful. No one is going to state ‘Forget it, we’re prioritising Europe’. That’s simply not how it works. No matter where we are in the league and how hard it may be to finish in the European places, the manager’s task is to get outcomes on Thursday, then Sunday, then Thursday again, then the following Sunday, then ideally another Thursday, then … well, you understand.

Ultimately his job is to get us out of this godawful Thursday/Sunday regimen, which may come from progression this season since of the double-prize of winning the competition, however the best way to do it is to construct a group which can challenge for the top four and beyond. We’re still some method far from that, let’s be honest.

That Olympiacos have a 16 point lead at the top of the Greek Super League makes life a lot less complicated for them. They truly can make the Arsenal ties a priority, since a) it doesn’t make any real influence on them if they lose their next domestic game, and b) they’re playing bottom of the table Larissa so they’re barely worried about that fixture anyhow.

I did enjoy this from their Portuguese forward Bruma, speaking to Charles Watts of Goal about what they’ve learnt more about Toolbox from previous Gunner Sokratis:

” He has actually told us some tricks, however I will not inform you about any of them. It’s in between us and Sokratis.

” Naturally, he understands Toolbox’s locker space much better than anybody.”

Arseblog can exclusively reveal that the information came in video format. Sokratis, a man who withstood some of Unai Emery’s impressive video sessions, understood that he had to be to the point and concise, otherwise attention periods would fluctuate. So, taking whatever he gained from Emery, and during his 3 or two years with Arsenal, he got all the Olympiacos lads together, got the popcorn out (2 kernels each), and showed them this:

I actually should have placed a low-level bass rumble sound at the start to transport my inner Christopher Nolan, but if you do that you need to fully dedicate to your art, and who has got time today for a 4 hour film in which you can’t hear any of the dialogue and whose chronology is based on picking random moments in time and then copying and pasting them together?

It’s an intriguing concept though, that a previous player might supply info that isn’t currently in the general public domain. I imply, clearly there’s lots of things he could state, however that ‘d have to do with individuals and their personalities more than what is plainly recognizable by anybody who has actually paid even scant attention to us just recently.

Olympiacos, for instance, do not require Sokratis to inform them that there are gamers whose concentration levels can be a problem for us, or some are less press resistant than others.

” So, you’re informing us that if you hassle Granit Xhaka he’ll normally be great, however every so typically he’ll surrender to that pressure?

That’s the things any functional hunting department, or person with eyes, can tell you. Maybe there are little details about what certain gamers pick to do in certain circumstances, but I don’t actually understand just how much worth Sokratis will be to them in the secret-agent department. It’ll be interesting to see if he plays, since he had a couple of iffy minutes in an Arsenal shirt (not too many though in fairness), and if he understands us, our players certainly know him.

More on that game tomorrow, and we’ll have all the stories from journalism conference on Arseblog News in the future.

For some extra reading this morning, Lewis’ most current Methods Column looks at the ‘instructions of travel’, and the improvement because Christmas. As he appropriately points out, being fairly delighted with what we’re doing now does not offset what came before, but we needed much better and we’ve been getting it. Check it out here

Right, I have to leave it there for today. Back tomorrow with a preview, the juicy bits from the manager’s press conference, and all the rest.

Till then, relax.

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