Meghan Markle: Goodbye to social networks and Instagram photos

Meghan Markle: Goodbye to social networks and Instagram photos

Do not look for Meghan in social networks, because official accounts you will not find. Goodbye to your vacation photos, with friends, and with your pets.

The social media for Meghan Markle is over. If you find accounts on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, it’s not her. They will be a fan or false accounts, but not her. The image of two parallel bananas, together and smiling has been his last publication. They have also been responsible for deleting all the most committed photos (party or beach) that the future wife of Prince Harry had in the networks.

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“Miss Meghan Markle thanks all the people who have followed her and communicated with her through social networks, but since she has not used these means for quite some time she has decided to close the Instagram, Facebook, and Facebook account on Tuesday. Twitter. ” This is how the Kensington Palace has been dismissed to Meghan Markle from social networks, a girl who has a before and a future after her marriage announcement.

Meghan Markel Instagram photos

Since last year Markle had reduced its presence in social networks, just from the time when he began to handle publicly his courtship with the member of the royal family. In this way, photos of their trips, parties outings with their friends, their pets and their work in the series Suits were some of the frequent topics in their accounts. In spite of its elimination, the captures and the registries of other users allow that the images can continue being found. The crown tries to erase any detail of her past, such as that she was married.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will be married in the spring of 2018, the palace announced in November last year. Although the strongest news is that she could go from her mother’s arm to the altar.

Remember that members of the British royal family do not have personal accounts on social networks, although they do have official accounts that inform the daily news of royalty. So that’s the end of seeing Megan on social networks in their day to day.