Eerie scenes in abandoned hospital opened by Florence Nightingale after it is wrecked by scavengers

Eerie scenes in abandoned hospital opened by Florence Nightingale after it is wrecked by scavengers

Eerie scenes in abandoned hospital opened by Florence Nightingale after it is wrecked by scavengers

Eerie scenes in abandoned hospital that was opened by Florence Nightingale and ripped apart by scavengers after it was closed 10 years ago

  • Poison filled cupboards, monitors and machines covered in dust have been left inside an abandoned hospital
  • Derby Royal Infirmary was built in 1810, suffered a typhoid outbreak in 1890 and closed in 2009
  • It has been ransacked for valuables in recent years as trespassers hope to make cash from the materials 


Zoie O’brien For Mailonline

07:13 EDT, 7 March 2019

07:25 EDT, 7 March 2019


Eerie images have revealed the abandoned remains of a UK hospital that famous nurse Florence Nightingale helped to develop. 

Haunting pictures show empty wards with all the beds stripped out while some linger in the hallways.

Other spooky shots show the equipment left behind, a cabinet full of poison and dusty monitors in the security room.

The striking photographs were taken at Derby Royal Infirmary by an urban explorer known only as The Elusive.

The Elusive revealed many wards have been stripped of valuables. 

‘This was a massively destroyed site, as people clearly looking for anything of value had ripped the place apart,’ they said.

‘Having been derelict for a number of years there were many things growing, leaking getting smushy and mouldy. There were also masses of equipment in there.

The hospital has been left in tact in some places with offices used by staff abandoned with desks still set up for a day’s work

A poison cupboard is open with the keys inside (left) making the site appear as though it was hurriedly abandoned. The hospital (right) was opened by Victoria when it got a new layout

The corridors have been badly damaged by trespassers who have attempted to take valuables out of the building 

The abandoned inside of the hospital which still has many machines left inside. The hospital closed to the public fully in 2009 

There is still an abandoned basketball court and gym in the hospital which would have been used for rehabilitating patients

Rooms such as the security room which could not usually be accessed are now being entered by people looking to make money from the abandoned site

Welcome to Barnums: There are still colourful drawings at the entrance to the children’s ward while machines have been dragged through the abandoned corridors 

Specialist equipment used for examinations remains inside the hospital while many other items have been taken

‘In a place like this there are normally a lot of places to see and lots of things left lying around and you can go places that you wouldn’t normally be able to see in a hospital when it is open.

‘I met a few other photographers whilst inside this site and one of which told me he had found rooms with the heating on.

‘I couldn’t quite get my head around that so I asked if he could show me the rooms and he was right.

‘In a building in such a state derelict since 1996 yet the radiators were still on. What a waste of money.

‘Most people are surprised the amount of equipment that is still in there the state of the corridors and wards; looks very post apocalyptic.’

Derby Royal Infirmary was first built in 1810 and suffered a typhoid outbreak in 1890. The building’s design was blamed for the incident and led to it being restructured over the following three years.

In 1894 Queen Victoria laid the foundation stone of the new layout which featured ‘onion’ shaped towers to prevent the deadly disease coming back.

The majority of the infirmary eventually closed to the public in 2009, with accident and emergency one of the first departments to move over the nearby Royal Derby Hospital – the second largest hospital in the East Midlands. Only a small NHS walk-in clinic known as London Road Community Hospital now functions on the site.

The majority of the sprawling Derbyshire Royal Infirmary building now lies empty, with hospital beds and commodes scattered across corridors, and sinister dolls with their faces removed sitting in the visiting quarters.

Although there are no beds in the wards the heating was left on in some of them according to photographers who explored it

A stepper machine sits abandoned in the corridor inside the hospital in Derby. Many things appear to have been moved from where they would usually be

A swimming pool is also abandoned. Cracks in the walls and holes in the ceilings show where the building has been damaged

A glass of water sits eerily by a chair under a playground sign in the hospital which has been abandoned for many years

Beds have been pushed out to the corridors and fire extinguishers taken off the walls while much of the signage remains in place – making it appear like many hospitals today

The equipment is dumped in the corridors of the hospital in Derbyshire which has been accessed by photographers who called the scene ‘post-apocalyptic’  


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