Derby condemn ex-player Ramage remarks

Derby condemn ex-player Ramage remarks

Derby condemn ex-player Ramage remarks

Last Updated: 17/02/2010: 42 am

The BBC will no longer work with Craig Ramage

The BBC will no longer deal with Craig Ramage

Previous Derby player Craig Ramage has been sacked by the BBC following “totally inappropriate” remarks he made about the club’s black gamers.

Ex-Derby midfielder Ramage criticised the club’s “young black lads” and declared they needed “taking down a peg or 2” after the Rams drew 1-1 against Huddersfield on Saturday.

Speaking on BBC Radio Derby’s Sportscene Podcast, Ramage stated: “When I look over and I look at certain players, their body language, their stance, the method they act, you simply feel, ‘whoa, hang on a minute – he requires taking down a peg or two’.

” So I ‘d probably state that about all the young black lads.”

Derby left-back Max Lowe spoke up on social media against the remarks made by radio pundit Ramage, which were later eliminated from the podcast.

A BBC representative stated: “These were entirely unacceptable remarks and we will no longer be dealing with Craig.”

Derby earlier issued a statement condemning the remarks made by their former player and said they “stand shoulder to shoulder, together as one with all our players”.

It checked out: “Derby County Football Club understands comments made by a BBC worker after yesterday’s video game versus Huddersfield Town, directed specifically at a section of our young gamers.

” We have touched with the BBC throughout the day and highlight that we do not in any method excuse any form of discrimination.

Max Lowe criticised the comments made by former Derby player Ramage

Max Lowe criticised the comments made by former Derby player Ramage

” We take comments like these incredibly seriously, we do not endure them, and stand shoulder to shoulder, together as one with all our players.”

Ramage released a “heartfelt apology” for his “completely unsuitable” words on Sunday evening.

Ramage published on Twitter: “I want to apologise unreservedly for a remark that I made after the other day’s video game. What I said was wholly improper and unintended. Race is unimportant to the concerns that I was going over and I deeply regret what I stated. I regards hope that the players accept my apology.

” I want to reiterate my heartfelt apology not just to the players but likewise the fans that have actually listened to me over the previous 7 years and also to those that followed me throughout my career. I wish to reinforce that this mistake in no way shows my personal views.”

Lowe, who was an unused substitute versus Huddersfield, composed on Instagram: “As a young black footballer making my method the game, I was stunned by remarks made by one of the analysts on BBC Radio Derby’s Sportscene programme after our 1-1 draw with Huddersfield.

” With the support from people I have around me – and after checking out today that Raheem Sterling is to spearhead an anti-racism and anti-discrimination taskforce on behalf of players from all backgrounds – I have decided to speak up on behalf of black footballers at Derby County.

” Racial ignorance, stereotyping and intolerance negatively impacts the image of impressionable young footballers and develops an unnecessary divide in society.

” I am likewise disappointed that a civil service broadcaster did not action in to ask the analyst to discuss his reasoning, or to distance themselves from these antiquated thoughts.

” This was transmitted at the same time BBC Derby is promoting a 27- minute feature with previous Rams protector Charlie Palmer about the problems he dealt with a as a young black footballer in the 1980 s.

” As an expert footballer at an enthusiastic, prominent Championship club I know that my performances will be scrutinised and I have no issue with that whatsoever – but I do not think it is appropriate for myself and my team-mate Jayden Bogle to be judged by the colour of our skin.

” Thank you for taking your time reading this – in a world where you can be anything, be kind.”

The PFA stated it had actually touched with Lowe and prompted players to continue to speak up against any racist attitudes or discriminatory language.

” We were puzzled by the casual and racist stereotyping exposed on air, a reflection of views that are sadly all too common within the industry,” a PFA statement read.

” We were also incredibly disappointed that these remarks went undisputed by the on-air presenter. When experts within the industry share these views, it legitimises the racist abuse the players are regularly getting from the stands and on social networks.”

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