Curiosities and details of the coronation of Felipe VI

Curiosities and details of the coronation of Felipe VI

Curiosities and details of the coronation of Felipe VI. A day for history like June 19 leaves a lot of anecdotes and curiosities. For example, those lived by the girls, Leonor and Sofia, the kisses between the relatives or the guests to the proclamation.

The proclamation of Felipe VI as the new King has not only become a historic day for the Spanish, it has also left us many moments to keep in our memory. Details, curiosities, anecdotes that will go down in history. The most striking were the protagonists of the small Leonor and Sofia, who with their spontaneity, won the public. But also Froilán and his already famous photo with the mobile. Finally, the kiss of Sofia to the already exrey, Juan Carlos, drew attention.

On June 19 it will go down in the history of Spain. The day in which Felipe VI proclaimed King of Spain. A very intense day that as in all kinds of events had its back room. Those details, curiosities or anecdotes that at first go unnoticed, but then come out. Yesterday, there were a few.

Leonor and Sofia. The two daughters of Felipe and Letizia starred in a few. Above all, the future heiress attracted attention, since her age allows her to be very curious. At all times they tried not to lose their composure, but being girls they did not always get it. A very curious detail was when Leonor came to the window of the Congress to see what was there and her body leaned out more than allowed. Thank God his grandfather was in control of everything. In addition, both had to climb a ladder to see it better.

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Marching one of the kisses. Unlike in other acts, yesterday kisses did come out. The most striking is that Felipe and Letizia finally arrived, not like the day of their wedding, 10 years ago. But it will also be for the story that Sofia gave Juan Carlos. A moment that we are not very used to.

Tears of Elena. The Infanta has become, and with affection, the weeping woman of the family. There is no activity in which a tear does not fall. Yesterday he became excited again. First when his father imposed the sash on his brother, and then when the King already had words of tribute and recognition to his mother.

The mobile of Froilán. But what has circulated the most in the network in that photo of the Efe Agency, in which Froilán is seen stuck to a window with his cell phone in his hand and trying to ask for help. The memes that have been created are infinitive, and I’m sure you’ve already received a few on your phone. Where he did not get bored was in Congress, since the controversial child will always be able to boast that he saw him with a high-profile guest: Pau Gasol.

Guests. The endless kisses, with more than 3,000 guests, gave a lot. Among other things to see famous faces that one would never think they could be there. There was everything. Bullfighters like El Litri or Enrique Ponce, artists like David Bisbal or Ana Duato, athletes like Marta Domínguez and people from the jet set like Isabel Preysler.

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The selfies. It has not been the only one that has taken images of remembrance since ministers, deputies and autonomous presidents have taken many photographs of the environment, the moment and also of the group. They were from the party they were. For example, the president of Andalusia, Susana Díaz, and their counterparts from Madrid and Asturias, Ignacio González and Javier Fernández, respectively, have immortalized their presence in the proclamation of the new King Felipe VI with a ‘selfie’ taken from one of the stands of the Congress of Deputies. Although what caught the attention was the dress of Soraya Saenz de Santamaría. Here you can see all the looks of the guests.

Rajoy proclaimed. Another of the funniest aspects of the proclamation was that photo of Mariano Rajoy with a crown on his head. Not that it is also going to be King, is that an optical effect caused a crown to come out on top of his head.

The reddish streets. In the absence of the football team’s triumphs, it is good to take out the flag of Spain to celebrate a day like today. There were many Spaniards who went out to celebrate the proclamation of Philip VI.

As you can see, the proclamation of the new king of Spain gave for hours and hours of comments. A historical fact that if taken with good humor is very digestible. In our photo gallery, you can stay with the most curious details of this day.