Choosing a second team, Merseyside derby and the ideal tonic …

Choosing a second team, Merseyside derby and the ideal tonic …

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The best tonic!

The world is a horrible place. The last couple of months have actually been a struggle for me on a psychological basis and will most likely just worsen (I am getting assistance). The Tories will most likely get away with it. Trump may well get reelected. Victims will probably still get shot and eliminated while those responsible will just consume on their word salad. People will still squabble as they look for the ‘win’ on social media while the real life sinks.

Thank Christ football is back where just for one night I can simply hope for an Arsenal win versus City and nothing more.

Hugh, Cork/Dublin (it’ll be 0-0 won’t it)

Merseyside derby

Wondering if (without the wild fans in the arena) whether moods will flair on the pitch when Liverpool go to Goodison this Sunday


The second team …

JP, Birmingham (kro), is not alone in choosing a junior varsity, when I was young my first love was Air Conditioner Milan, before I settled with Chelsea as I felt living in the UK I required to support a UK based group, but nevertheless Milan still hold a location in my heart as without them I would not have found football the method I did and fall in love with the video game.

However this brought an interesting question to my mind “How should you select a second team?” now for me it ought to constantly be a team that is regional to your actual area, naturally if that group is still your main one then choose a team which is non-league, go to the video games, dive and absorb the regional vibes and environment these games feature and support the local community, non-league video games are some unbelievable eyeglasses and nowadays with the physical fitness routines and strategies are rather excellent watches.

Mikey, CFC

Matchday experience …

While the world will be tuning in as the Premier League kicks off again– the crowdless experience will lessen the value of the game to fans, sponsors and broadcasters, and will ultimately erode the success of the business.

Tim (Australia has sporting crowds from July) LFC

F k you, Matt …

Mat Stead calls me a moron on the football365 show how very mature Mat if I’m an idiot I think you desire to tar everyone who does not share your opinions with the very same brush considering that somebody certainly died and made you the supreme football authority. I ‘d like to mention to Mat that as Mark luckily made a point of, I was actually speaking about the players in the league that when released as a defensive midfielder would be the very best in that position. I’m sorry that instead of comprehending that you decided to insult me rather specifically when you then go on to agree that yes Kante was one of the very best Dm’s worldwide before Sarri began medling with it. You also agree about Ndidi being among the best in the league.

While if you don’t believe that Fernandinho when deployed in protective midfield is likewise among the best then your newly found status as supreme leader of football might have to be cast doubt on. Non of this how ever matters as just the faithful readership of the mail box will get to see my defence of myself to your allegations of being a moron while you use your f365 YouTube platform to call me a moron, unless you prepare to adress it in a future show which I seriously doubt will take place. I have actually checked out every post this site has actually produced given that I was 16 10 years back, I have been a routine factor to the mail box for lots of years. From a loyal long-time reader of f365 and your many excellent posts I say f ck you Mat! It takes a big guy to use his platform to attack those without an equivalent platform for action.

Aaron. CFC. Ireland. (Aaron Grimes) p.s consume sh!t Mat.

Rashford and Spurs

Firstly, well done Marcus Rashford; a fine example to young players all over.

Second of all, enjoyed reading your Club/Covid-19 post, however there are some glaring omissions in the Spurs section. Whilst the club appropriately are worthy of to be pilloried for their initial tried furloughing of non-playing staff and their lockdown breaches, you entirely lost out that they are offering their stadium underground carpark as a drive-through covid-19 testing centre, and storage areas for the London Food Alliance. They are likewise supplying their above-ground centers for womens’ outpatient clinics for the North Middlesex Healthcare facility while the hospital itself concentrates on dealing with covid-19 That’s not to forget gamers like Danny Rose and Toby Alderweireld making big charitable donations. By all methods make a big thing about the club’s failings, however at least report the great side.

James (Brackets)


Dear MC,

Today the J.League revealed its components for the remainder of the 2020 season, and everybody’s going to be quite hectic. J1 and J2 played one video game before the postponement, but the league is dedicated to playing every video game and ending up the season in December, which implies another 33 matches for J1 teams beginning on fourth July and including a few midweek matches. There’s also the much-maligned League Cup and, for some, the Asian Champions League if and when that gets rebooted.

J3 hasn’t started yet, however they begin on 27 th June and will also have a few midweek matches along the way. FC Tokyo have actually withdrawn their under-23 group due to component blockage, however Gamba Osaka under-23 s and Cerezo Osaka under 23 s are remaining in, making 18 groups.

The very first couple of matches will be in between teams that are geographically close, to decrease travel and the associated threats, and there won’t be any crowds for the first couple of weeks, prior to a minimal number will be allowed to attend.

There have actually been a few guideline changes for this season and next. There’ll be no transfer from J1 or J2, but there will be an optimum of two groups promoted from J2 and J3 (depending on whether they have the required licence for the greater division). That obviously indicates J1 and J2 will be expanded for 2021 to accommodate the extra teams, before most likely things go back to typical in2022 For this season a minimum of, groups can consume to 5 substitutes in every match. The Emperor’s Cup has actually gone to completely amateur until the semi-final stage, when two J1 groups will get in to steal the splendor.

For individuals in the UK, FreeSports is revealing live and delayed J1 matches.


James T, Ishikawa, Japan

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