Chelsy Davy: This is the woman who almost married Prince Harry

Chelsy Davy: This is the woman who almost married Prince Harry

Chelsy Davy was Prince Harry’s most enduring girlfriend, but her love story ended some years ago. Discover how Chelsy Davy is, the woman who almost married Harry.

Chelsy Davy and Prince Harry had a relationship with ups and downs from 2004 to the year 2011. They broke up definitively after the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William. Before Meghan Markle will arrive, Chelsy Davy was her great love. The pretty lawyer was a strong candidate to be Harry’s life partner, but who is Chelsy? and how is the woman who almost married Prince Harry? Next, you have all the details.

Chelsy Davy, the woman who almost married Prince Harry

The British Royal House has just announced the commitment of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for 2018. A happy news that the press, the British and the Royal family have been waiting for a long time. Before Meghan Markle, Prince Harry has had several relationships, but one of the most lasting was with Chelsy Davy.

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Chelsy Davy was one of Harry’s first conquests. Their relationship has been the most lasting (7 years) but never became very stable. They started dating together in 2004 until 2011, but intermittently. They say that the relationship ended because Chelsy was not very good at media pressure and he did not like Monarchist circles too much. Davy, speaking to the press, said that it was difficult for him to adapt to the life of royalty and that both were too young to face such pressure.

Who is Chelsy Davy? The one who was Prince Harry’s girlfriend is a 32-year-old girl born in Zimbabwe. Since she met the prince, she has been a student, an attorney and now is dedicated to jewelry design. Harry and she met when Davy was still a law student.

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The young girl grew up in the hunting reserve of her millionaire father. His mother is Beverley Donald, former Miss Rhodesia 1973, and has an older brother. Chelsy Davy studied in a luxurious private school in England. He met Harry in Cape Town, during the sabbatical year of the prince. Davy was a regular figure in the London scene and in the polo matches, but she has always been a very responsible and discreet girl. He graduated in law, and to be closer to Harry he studied law at the University of Leeds.

Over the next several years, Chelsy was by Harry’s side and always supported him. He even met the queen at a wedding and was also invited to Prince Charles’s 60th birthday. They always had Chelsy Davy for important real events. She was also invited to the wedding of William and Kate Middleton even though she was no longer Harry’s partner.

After the break, Chelsy Davy returned to Africa, and according to her, they are still good friends. Currently, Chelsy Davy left the law to create her own luxury jewelry brand, called Aya. He owns his tip jewelry mine in Zambia and divides his time between Zimbabwe and the United Kingdom.

When she was Harry’s girlfriend, her style and looks were studied to the millimeter. The style of Chelsy Davy is discreet, youthful and with elegant touches. She loves dresses and short skirts, she is also a fan of more trend garments like torn jeans. Neutral colors and daring tones are part of their looks, both daily and in party outfits. Of course, she is a big fan of jewelry and jewelry. Her blond hair, her eternal smile, and her natural makeup will make Prince Harry fall in love.

Although Prince Harry is going to marry Meghan Markle, Chelsy Davy was one of the most important women in his life.